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English club Aston Villa purchased by a Chinese businessman – 28/07

Chinese businessman Tony Xia bought English football club Aston Villa

A Chinese businessman, Tony Jiantong Xia, buy the famous English football club Aston Villa

that recently fell off from the English Premier league to the Football League Championship, the second division of the English football leagues.

Xia owns a few companies, involved in range of industries like technology, energy, financial services, sports and tourism, but it seems that his latest purchase of the English club that was founded before a 140 years ago and based in the English city Birmingham, is the most interesting till now.

Aston Villa is an appreciated club, one of the first football clubs in England and one of the founding members of the English Premier League. The club has a rich history, with 7 League’s championships titles, 7 English cup winnings and several European titles too. But the last season was an awful season for Villa, when in the end they dropped to the second league, what was expected to reduce the club’s revenues in tens or even hundreds of dollars.

But now, after Xia owned them, the hope may return to the hearts of the fans and the club’s staff. Xia testified about himself that he is a fan of Villa for many years, and his aims, according to the statement the club posted in its website, are to steer back Villa into the Premier League and then to finish among the top six teams. The statement also mentioned that Xia aim to make Aston Villa the most famous football club in China.

These days China boost its standing on the global football stage. Lately, Chinese investors put a lot of money into European soccer, including recent investments in European elite clubs as Spain’s Atletico Madrid and UK’s Manchester City. In China itself a rich businessmen pumped money into Chinese clubs and the country plans to build thousands of football schools.

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